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Welcome to the Independence at Home website, brought to you by the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, a 501©(3) organization working to bring home-based primary care to the frail elderly since 1984.

Our Purpose
The purpose of this site is to educate interested members of the public, press, providers, Federal legislators and their staffs and potential supporters regarding the need for home-based primary care, and the progress of the IAH demonstration as it is implemented. This site will give you general background about the issue and information on how you can help us achieve our goal of making a home-based primary care available to all who need it.

The Problem
There are 3-4 million seniors now living with multiple chronic illnesses such as diabetes, lung and heart disease who are too ill or disabled to easily visit their physician when they need care. These seniors, representing approximately 10% of Medicare beneficiaries, account for two thirds of Medicare's expenditures.

These seniors are typically unable to access a primary care physician's office for needed care, instead of going to the ER or being hospitalized. These are the patients who place the largest burden on Medicare, and this problem isn't going away. The number of people with multiple chronic illnesses will grow to 6-8 million by 2025.

The Solution
The quickest way to control health costs is by addressing these highest cost patients first. House calls are a solution to the rising costs of helping home-limited patients with multiple chronic conditions. At $1,500 per ER visit, we can show that the cost of 10 house calls more than offsets the expense of an avoidable ER visit. Savings are even greater for avoided hospitalizations.

Improved Care for Patients, Savings for Medicare
Home-based primary care programs have the potential to save 20-40% on Medicare’s most expensive patients by bringing them care in their homes. IAH provides for care coordination across all care settings. Providers are also accountable for good care and reduced cost. Overall this is a win for patients, their families, and Medicare!

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